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An Open Letter to the Grace Church Body, from Zach C.

An Open Letter to the Grace Church Body, from Zach C.

What do you want? Are you seeking an apology, trying to “destroy” the church, or spark a third-party investigation?

No. No. And no.

What I want is completely irrelevant. I don’t attend Grace Church nor do I ever plan to do so again. The far more pressing and more challenging question is, “What do YOU want?” What do YOU, the current members of Grace Church, want for yourselves after becoming aware of what has been happening and continues to happen. Read More…


This area will contain elaborations, responses, open letters, and interactions with material that has been published in the press of commented on by others after being published.




This area will list different documents we have received from former members of the church that help to explain what the church has taught and how it has functioned.


A number of important things you should be aware of.


Word on the street is that GC leadership is actively working to “help” their people sort through everything that’s coming out online. We obviously don’t know what they’re going to say, but we hope they’re meeting so that the leadership can read all these posts to the people who come and publicly acknowledge the wrongdoing and harm that has been recorded here (along with so much more). We hope they will encourage their people to reach out to those they know who have left the church in order to listen to what they have to say. And we hope they will encourage them to prayerfully read through the posts here as well as the posts on Reddit and come to their own conclusions about the truthfulness and the seriousness of what is being said. But the group that so many of us have come to know would do something very different. They would:Read More…


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