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Institutional Sin

The following piece is an excerpt from the devotional book entitled “Our Lives First: Meditations for Counselors” by Diane Langberg.

You can preview it on Google Books, or purchase it on Amazon ($2.99 Kindle/$8.99 Paperback). You can also visit her website which has a large list of resources.

We believe much of what she has to say here speaks directly to this current situation in a powerful and biblical way.Read More…



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Recovery Resources

Here’s a growing list of helpful resources. Please feel free to add links to other resources in the comments.

Some people have asked for ideas of how to access some professional help via counseling or therapy. This link has some decent recommendations regarding how to find a therapist, questions you can ask, etc. And they also compiled a list of many treatment approaches that help people understand what approach their therapist/counselor may be using (it’s good to ask what their approach is as part of identifying if a particular therapist might or might not be a good fit).

Unfortunately, their list of providers is extremely lacking. You could search via your insurance carrier, internet search based on your location, asking trusted friends, or the good old yellow pages online. Many communities have also started a 2-1-1 call center offering referrals for mental health needs (just dial 211). Keep in mind that many agencies/therapists can seek out-of-network coverage if they do not accept your insurance or they will offer a sliding-fee scale. Finding the right person can be daunting, but it can also be a part of the process of figuring out what you are looking for in a counselor/therapist.