Dear readers,
I am so proud of the people who have spoken out about the YC. It’s been 18 years since I was “kicked out” of the church (or politely shown the door). I had many conversations with BF as a student at CMU. I also hung out with members of the band and leadership team. I remember once talking to the band members and leadership team about “the church that God intended.” I disagreed and questioned what the leadership team had said. The basis for my argument was that I had never read anything about what they were saying in the actual bible… I thought they were kind of making things up.

The following Sunday I was greeted by BF, of all people, in the lobby of the church. He wanted to go outside and talk.

He said that he heard I had been talking to his guys. I said, “yes, it’s been great conversation.”

He said, “well, some of it has made them start to question what they believe.” I said, “well isn’t that a good thing? Shouldn’t we always question and grow in our faith?”

Here’s where it got a little interesting:
BF said, “well, it’s upsetting to them and frankly it’s upsetting to me, too.”

I put both my hands up and said, “ya know what…I see where this is going…you have a nice day.”

I never returned.

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