I’ll keep my story/experience short and sweet as it’s not as in depth and painful as some of the other stories shared here. I began attending Grace Church during my freshman year at CMU. I was extremely vulnerable coming from a dysfunctional upbringing and had limited exposure to Christianity, hence having limited knowledge regarding red flags to look for within a church community.It was the expectation of Grace that members of the congregation served in any capacity that they could. Having grown up always around children, I jumped into serving in the children’s ministry. Little did I know that this volunteer children’s ministry position would resemble a full-time job. The time and energy expected of a full-time college student for a church volunteer position seemed outrageous. When I vocalized the stress that I was under, I was told that I needed to rethink my priorities as my service to God should be at the top of the list. I decided not to return to children’s ministry upon my return to CMU after some time off. This decision warranted a meeting with a leader within the children’s ministry program in which she said that she felt called to tell me that “I have demonic forces inside of me that cause me to rebel.” After this comment was made, I did not return to Grace and have had very limited contact with anyone that still attended.

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