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An Open Letter to the Grace Church Body, from Zach C.

An Open Letter to the Grace Church Body, from Zach C.

What do you want? Are you seeking an apology, trying to “destroy” the church, or spark a third-party investigation?

No. No. And no.

What I want is completely irrelevant. I don’t attend Grace Church nor do I ever plan to do so again. The far more pressing and more challenging question is, “What do YOU want?” What do YOU, the current members of Grace Church, want for yourselves after becoming aware of what has been happening and continues to happen. Read More…

ExpensiveCranberry’s Story

My story with Grace Church (then The Young Church) started over 17 years ago. While most of the damage done to my heart occurred in the earlier years I was involved, I’ve continued to have red-flag experiences when talking to friends still heavily involved at GC. Though I’m on the outside now, my most recent negative experience with GC was yesterday. Read More…

ChasingFreedom’s Story

I have been thinking of how and if I should share my story for the last week now. I don’t have a bunch of specific memories or quotes from my time at Grace Church but I think sharing some general impressions and situations that I do remember as well as the things I have been unlearning since leaving may be helpful to some.Read More…

Dad’s Story

A Father’s Day Thought.

As I had been reflecting back on how close my daughter and I were throughout the early part of her life, I found myself feeling that our relationship had changed substantially over the past few years without any good reason as to why. I also found it difficult to understand how our relationship went from being one of unconditional love to one where even an occasional visit, if even granted at all, began lacking any resemblance of the previous loving relationship, and evolved to being filled with conditions. Read More…

AS’s Story

Thank you for providing a way and a place to say what I’ve felt for a long time. For years (I attended the Young Church in 2006), I have felt that what I experienced was wrong, ungodly, and destructive. While it is an encouraging feeling to acknowledge that I’m not alone, internally I’m grieving for the broken relationships and spiritual scaring that may have resulted from attending this church. Read More…

Parent of YC/GC Reject’s Story

In 2003 my daughter was a CMU Sophomore. She ended up on the front row by ‘BF’s wife, SF.’ The BEST thing that ever happened….she heard my daughter worship Jesus, and her prayers were used against her. She was called in & grilled by a group of ‘imbeciles’ — men lording over a 19 year old with a ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude, questioning her salvation & motives for ‘prayers’ like that in ‘their church. She had poured her heart out to Jesus, during worship. It was the beginning of ‘Her Shunning’….. Read More…


This area will contain elaborations, responses, open letters, and interactions with material that has been published in the press of commented on by others after being published.



Institutional Sin

The following piece is an excerpt from the devotional book entitled “Our Lives First: Meditations for Counselors” by Diane Langberg.

You can preview it on Google Books, or purchase it on Amazon ($2.99 Kindle/$8.99 Paperback). You can also visit her website which has a large list of resources.

We believe much of what she has to say here speaks directly to this current situation in a powerful and biblical way.Read More…

Membership at GC

Recently the church began to rethink its lack of any clearly defined membership and BF gave this handout to people who came to the meeting where they explained some of these things. It is worth noting how membership has been defined until very recently. It is also worth noting how much space he spends defending that type of membership and discrediting what he defines as an “American model of church membership.” A model which often helps to prevent many of the abuses that have been practiced at Grace Church in Mt. Pleasant, MI.Read More…

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