In 2003 my daughter was a CMU Sophomore. She ended up on the front row by ‘BF’s wife, SF.’ The BEST thing that ever happened….she heard my daughter worship Jesus, and her prayers were used against her. She was called in & grilled by a group of ‘imbeciles’ — men lording over a 19 year old with a ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude, questioning her salvation & motives for ‘prayers’ like that in ‘their church. She had poured her heart out to Jesus, during worship. It was the beginning of ‘Her Shunning’….. 

Yes….she was broken, ridiculed, embarrassed, shunned by her friends for her prayer, which was overheard & reported. She was told what church she should attend…in Mt. Pleasant, but don’t come back to theirs. She just…did not fit….in fact she was told that she was not even going to get to clean the ‘stools’ in their restrooms….to prove their point, in the elder meeting.

My daughter had a desire & interest in ‘serving’-& had been on a grueling pilgrimage-in Canada for 7 days. She came home– having lost 15 pounds–the plan was for them to deny themselves…& someone had “forgotten” a long list of food items. —I was livid, she was already underweight— and I went to check this place out, the next Sunday. My husband & I sat in the balcony… In that service–In wasn’t long, before we felt this urgency — prayer–for our daughter to see through the deception of this ‘leadership.’

When she went through the ‘sorrow–& rejection, we supported her, and knew God had a plan for our daughter, in ministry. We watched her “excel” & find her place where her desire to ‘worship’. was encouraged. Often, I have thought I should write the ‘leaders’ who forced others to SHUN my daughter & Thank them….yes, the worst thing they could possibly do, was what made her STRONG in her FAITH and PASSION for Worship & Serving Jesus! Thank God this has been exposed……..& the STRONG get out!

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