This information was gathered directly from a packet of materials that the church gave to its interns doing something called the MP Project in 2003.  While some of it isn’t all that bad from a biblical or practical  standpoint, certain points, such as the way they required their interns to agree to confess secret sin and receive prayer from other believers, are especially disturbing. In practice it was understood that this confession of secret sin was to the other believer that you would have pray for you. This practice meant that most leaders knew the deepest and darkest secrets of the people who served under them, and these confessions where often brought back up at other times and used to control and manipulate people in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. This practice has existed throughout the entire history of the church even if it is no longer placed in writing at this time.

Mt. Pleasant Project 2003 Ministry Profile


  • To pursue God through actively sharing your faith, prayer, reading of the Bible, and personal worship on a regular basis.
  • To create and turn in a weekly schedule, a revised schedule, and a weekly review.
  • To spend time developing and improving skills that apply to your area of ministry.
  • To support the mission, vision and values of your ministry team. (please see attached)
  • To spend adequate time in preparation each week to fulfill your responsibilities.
  • To be committed to taking your personal ministry, as well as your team’s ministry, to the next level in a consistent effort to honor God through service done with excellence.
  • To arrange your schedule to attend ALL intern meetings and events.
  • To arrive ON TIME for ALL meetings, events, and services.
  • To be an ambassador for our church: invite others, and represent the church, and your ministry, to the best of your ability.
  • To deal with conflict on a person-to-person basis, abstaining from gossip and slander.
  • To pray for your ministry, your team, and your leaders.
  • To fulfill the expectations and requirements of The Young Church Ministry Cycle: 2 Timothy 2:2-3. (please see Ministry Cycle enclosed)
  • To attend Tuesday night prayer services.
  • To attend at least one weekend service.
  • To confess secret sin and receive prayer from other believers.
  • To maintain your physical body as a fitting temple for the Holy Spirit.
  • To tithe regularly, and be willing to give sacrificially on occasion to the needs of your ministry.
  • To be committed to furthering God’s work through an Internship for the duration of 4 months, beginning May 12th, 2003 and Ending August 22nd, 2003.
  • To enjoy the work of your ministry! (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

I understand the Vision, Mission, Values, and Expectations of The Young Church and of my Intern Director and I agree to support them and to rely on God to uphold them.

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