I attended Young Church with my husband and 3 children from about 1998 to 2003. I served on the hospitality team. I enjoyed the kids and the friendliness of the church. Then the more I got involved, the more red flags I saw. At first, my kids had a lot of fun and I felt they were growing in their faith. But then things started to change. They were encouraged to spend more and more time with the church family. And less time with friends, family, and schools activities. My husband was called upon often to help with construction issues. Even while recovering from a surgery, he was called to come in and help because he was needed. The kids were often challenged to do more and more. And they experienced much heartache when their team leaders chose to replace them in their roles when someone new or better came along. They were told that they needed to spend more time with God. And that their faith just wasn’t strong enough. My son eventually left the church and has not had faith in God or church since. When I started questioning things at the church, I was invited to lunch by one of the leaders (a 20ish year old young man who, to my knowledge had no formal training) and he suggested I find a new church because I just wasn’t happy there and it wasn’t a good fit. I was hurt and angry. My husband and I left the church. My concerns about the church continued to grow. And this caused stress in our family as one of my kids, now college age, was still very involved. I am happy to report that none of my family goes there anymore. I have not been involved in a church since. My faith in God wavered. But it is now back. I am sad to think that so many young people have been messed up by this church.

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