I am a former member of The Young Church. The name change to Grace was on its way when I finally left. Seeing this thread… Is killing me. I have hurt, even thinking of this place, even after leaving Mount Pleasant, daily.

I’m thankful for the few lifelong friendships that I have THANKS to this place, and also for leaving it. I don’t think I would still have these friendships now if either they or I had stayed.

I felt constantly judged for my relationships and family situation, even being encouraged to not go home to live with my family between school years, leave my roommate (who was coming out to be as bisexual at the time), and end my relationship with my boyfriend at the time .. all because the church didn’t approve.

My heart was broken at every single small group, Tuesday service, and Sunday. My ministry team (which actually gave me a feeling of purpose there) was disbanded because “God wasn’t in it”… And I was encouraged to join ministry teams that I WAS NOT interested in. (And by encouraged, I mean, I was put on shifts for those teams, even after telling staff that I was uncomfortable.) I asked to join music ministry at one point and was heart broken to find that they “couldn’t” find a home for me… In my passion.

Typing this now, I feel still so broken and angry. There are names and faces of people I know from the three or so years that I attended (I used to drive up for services, even when I was in HS), that still hurt me to think about. I’ll never forget some of the more personal conversations I had, how judged I felt, and how… As encouraged to give and serve and be part of the church, how truly left out I was.

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