Over time we have become aware of many emails which have been sent to BF and other Grace Church leaders raising serious concerns about the conduct of certain leaders and as well as other harmful and unbiblical practices that were experienced or observed in the church.

Because the leadership often fails or refuses to disclose this information to anyone outside of leadership and since they have been unwilling to share the full scope of these concerns with the rest of the congregation, and since the congregation had/has no practical authority to demand them, we believe it is our responsibility to make the information in these documents publicly available to those who have been systematically kept in the dark. And since the church had/has no clear process for addressing these types of concerns that doesn’t require absolute trust in the very leaders that are implicated in these concerns, we are left with no other choice than to “take it to the church” by making these documents publicly available to all those prior members who were never informed of these issues, as well as the current “members” (however they are defining that these days) who probably have no clear way to hold these men accountable except by voting with their feet and their finances.

We have gone to these individuals, we have gone to the staff/leadership, and now we must go around them for the good of the sheep who have had the wool pulled over their eyes in a very systematic fashion.

For many years this church defined membership by using the phrase, “you are a member in-as-much-as you relate and participate.”

Under that definition there are many people scattered all over this country who are still technically members of this church (at least under the definition used while they were there and for the vast majority of the church’s history) because they are still relating to it on a daily basis as they seek to deal with the pain they are experiencing from the wounds that were received while they were physically present. In addition to this, many of them experience great heartache as they continue to witness the suffering of their friends and family members who are still in that environment.

We believe those “members” need these documents just as much as the current “members” do. And due to the nature of these issues, we believe we must make this information available to the broader church outside of this area as well so they can make an informed decision when they are choosing what local church body they want to be involved with.

And while this is necessary it breaks our heart that it has come to this. And if you have been hurt by your time at this church, we ask that you would be very careful as you read these materials, because you are probably going to be shocked and appalled as you learn just how often, just how clearly, and just how regularly a wide variety of people have been trying to address these issues with the leaders of this church. It’s easier to forgive people when you think they really don’t know what they’re doing because no one has warned them or explained these things to them. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. At least not any more.

And while we do not have every email that has been sent, I believe we have enough to make it abundantly clear to anyone who is willing to listen, that these issues have been addressed and repeatedly ignored by key leaders for years.

While some who continue to engage in these practices may do so with a certain degree of ignorance, others are far more culpable because they have received far more warning (Luke 12:48). And do not think that these emails are an exhaustive representation of what has been communicated to the leadership. They are but a small sampling. Only the tip of a much larger and more condemning iceberg. For lots of valid reasons, there are many others who don’t feel comfortable sharing that information right now. However, what you are about to read has been requested by us and posted with the permission of the one who originally sent it, in the hopes that it will aid in the healing, protection, accountability, and repentance which so desperately need to occur.

If you have any emails you feel comfortable sharing, please contact us via the Contact Page.

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