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It has been more than two years since we left Grace Church.  As you well know, my family and I left as a direct result of the three, six-hour inquisition type meetings that you orchestrated with all the elder/deacons and our wives.  The shameful meetings are the reason that I have never set foot on Grace Church properties again or spoken to you.  As a result of the meetings and violation of trusted information that you shared with everyone, someone called CPS on my family, accusing me of wrong doing, but you know that already.  Some details (only known to the group in the three, six hour meetings) were twisted and used in vulgar and offensive language, falsely accusing me to CPS.  The ensuing six weeks was hell and filled with mental anguish, but was easily proven false and I was cleared of any wrong doing as of February 22, 2016. This was done at a financial loss and heartache that won’t ever heal.  You were wrong in the meetings and “someone”, was wrong in the accusations given to CPS.  I corrected you, and yet you believed what you wanted, which influenced you or someone else in the calling of CPS.  Either way, I hold you responsible.  What you have done is unbiblical and unbecoming of a pastor.  Try not to shift this blame.  Go to the “7 signs of pride”, from your most recent sermon, and repent.  I wish for you to find humility.

Please don’t confuse this email as the beginning of opening dialogue with you.  Recently, someone brought to my attention, the new call to “humility” at Grace Church (sermon, 1/7/18).  Since I failed to be notified of your repentance from breaking of trust and criticism of church members for years, and attempting to ruin my life, I am simply calling you to put your words into action.  I have called you to repentance in 2013 in a letter, that you claimed to never have read, and in 2015 with the letter below.  I am sure that you remember the letter below.  It has now been two more years and God is once again calling Grace church out of the darkness and into the light.  A “train”, vision by Dan, sounds very similar to one that I had years ago.  The train burst forth from below/darkness, a place of bones supporting the tunnel, and into light.  Nevertheless, the repentance, from darkness and hiding, needs to start with you, and openly, with how you have been untrustworthy, criticize/condemn, shift blame, control, and screwed up with the XXXXX.  I am innocent of your accusations, still in love with God, praising Jesus and unfortunately, thanks to you, not trusting church leadership yet.  XXXXX and the XXXXX never blamed me for their departure from our church.  I have made amends with them.  As for the rest of your accusations from the last meeting:  that just leaves, yelling at you and for how you treat people, and calling for XXXXX to step down to manage his family, and raising my voice with XXXXX for his mimicry of your leadership style.  I would do all again if necessary.  How many people have you made amends with?  How many people have you offended or negatively affected their faith?  I hear of many who still struggle.  Remember, you are to be a minister of God, among worms, for HIM.  You will answer to God.  I will wait for someone to tell me that you have repented openly to your church, and then I will watch it, and rejoice for you.

God bless.




Here is another copy of the letter that I sent you two years ago.  Please don’t try to contact me.  I think that you are still a blocked sender from two years ago anyway.

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