This is an email which one of the church elders received at the close of an investigation that was opened against him. The additional story which followed this email in the original posting has been removed at the request of Elder123 for the sake of his family and others.

Date: February 19, 2016



I have good news for a change.  The criminal investigation is closed.  XXXXXXX XXXXXX has no need for any additional interviews.  He called XXXXX the Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney who indicated she did not even need to review a written report.  So that aspect of this nightmare is over.



At 8 o’clock, February 22, 2016, our lawyer called again, and said “it is over”. I looked at my wife incredulous, excited, sad, and extremely tired; I put the phone down, and we cried. The most intense and emotional trial of our marriage and lives was over. A false accusation, and lies about me, that had been reported, to CPS (child protective services) were crushed by the truth, and God had come to my rescue. The whole family celebrated with ice cream Sundays that night.

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